Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Birthplace Of The Co-operative Movement

In anticipation of the relaunch tomorrow of the Rochdale Pioneers Museum, here is a little information on the birthplace of the Co-operative Movement in Rochdale.
It was on December 21st 1844 that this small shop at 31 Toad Lane opened for business.
Selling essentials such as flour, sugar, butter and oatmeal in a fair and honest way.
The shop was different in that its customers became members, to show their commitment ,and profits were invested back into the shop.
Members got a share of the profits based on what they'd spent and this became known as 'the divi '.

The refurbishment of the museum is the centrepiece of a £2.3 million project, which includes conservation work and an outreach programme to make the museum and archive collections accessible to new audiences.

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